Settlement and cash service

PJSC "VERNUM BANK" provides a full complex of services in settlement-cash service of accounts in national and foreign currencies to legal entities, physical persons – entrepreneurs and natural persons engaged in independent professional activity.

Considering the needs of its Clients, PJSC "VERNUM BANK" is ready to offer flexible tariffs for settlement and cash services of current accounts and convenient and reliable tool for efficient cash management – daily, in any situation.

The high quality of service offered by our Bank aims to maximize the use of remote channels.


Physical persons entrepreneurs

Service benefits current account in PJSC “VERNUM BANK”:

  • the speed and thoroughness of conducting non-cash settlements with counterparties both in national and foreign currencies;
  • the choice of tariff package servicing of the current account depending on the organizational form of the business entity;
  • remote account management by using the system "Client-Bank" , including correspondence with the Bank of electronic documents, receive timely information about promotions, new products, exchange rates of the NBU and commercial courses;
  • quick entry of cash funds to the current account;
  •     purchase and sale of foreign currency;
  • support cash transactions : receiving and issuing cash in national and foreign currency; registration of cheque books; Deposit of cash without opening current account;
  • the possibility of obtaining services for the carriage of currency valuables and cash collection;
  • obtaining consulting services from highly qualified employees of the Bank in all directions and forms of calculation;
  • access to additional services and instruments – Deposits, Loans, Bank guarantees

The list of documents for account opening

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