Individual safes rent

PJSC “VERNUM BANK” offers services for storage of Your valuables which are in Your opinion advisable to store in a more secure mode than in the room or office. Using professional security system “PJSC VERNUM BANK”, individual safe can keep important documents , jewelry, precious metals, family heirlooms, Antiques, paintings, other art objects and the like.

Advantages of the use of individual safes at PJSC “VERNUM BANK” is:

  • A high level of security and reliability of storage values;
  • The choice of the optimum size of the individual safe ;
  • Flexible system of tariffs when paying for the use of individual safes ;
  • Privacy preserving values.


The rent of individual safes in the main office: m . Kyiv, Yuriya Gagarina Ave., 17-In.

Term1 of the lease (renewal) / the Rate2 per day, UAH.
(in advance for the entire rental period)
Size 50x300x500Size 75x300x500Size 100x300x500Size 150x300x500Size 200x300x500Size 300x300x500Size 50x600x500Size 300x600x500
from 1 to 30 days 25,00 30,00 35,00 35,00 40,00 40,00 45,00 45,00
from 31 to 90 days 15,00 20,00 20,00 25,00 25,00 30,00 30,00 35,00
from 91 to 180 days 10,00 12,00 13,00 14,00 16,00 18,00 21,00 22,00
from 181 to 366 days 9,00 10,00 11,00 12,00 14,00 16,00 18,00 19,00


The collateral valueof 3 for full set (2 keys) – 3 000.00. On the day of termination of the contract after return of a full set of keys, the refund value returned to the client.


The penalty for failure to release of safe Deposit box:

  • during the first 30 calendar days of delay – double odnodozovy the cost of rent, determined applicable rates for the term of the lease to 31 days.
  • after the expiration of 30 calendar days overdue – 10.00 UAH. for each calendar day beginning with the 31st day of delay until the day the Customer receives Values from the vault of the Bank.

For more information contact us at tel: (044) 291 11 85


1 the Maximum lease term or renewal – 366 days;
2 the Cost of safe Deposit box rental paid by the Customer on the day of conclusion of the Contract of safe Deposit box rental, upfront for the entire lease term;
3 Deposit (collateral value) – cash deposited by Client as collateral for the key(s) from an individual safe, which provides the obligation of the Client to repay the Bank key(s) from an individual safe Deposit box, received a temporary use, and to pay the Bank penalties in case of loss (damage) of the key(s) or its(their) do not return in the time and manner specified in the Contract.

For more details please contact Bank branch
Phones: (044) 559-23-18, (044) 291-11-85
Information center: 0 (800) 50 73 12