Financing program of PJSC “VERNUM BANK” is a set of convenient and effective tools for business development, increase sales, upgrade and modernization of fixed assets, introduction of new technologies, and solving other business problems, designed to increase business profits, the capitalization of the business.

Experienced specialists of the Bank will offer You an individual and most shape and the structure of financing with the aim of reducing the cost of financing and achieve the greatest positive effect from the use of credit in business.

Loans to legal entities:

Credits PH:


Класичний спосіб отримання фінансування для збільшення оборотного капіталу.


The benefits of credit facilities from PJSC "VERNUM BANK":

  • individual approach to the business needs of each client;
  • a comprehensive approach to the needs of the client's business when establishing price parameters , volume and structure of financing;
  • the possibility of choosing the optimal shape and currency financing;
  • the speed of decision-making on crediting;
  • transparent and clear conditions of the credit;
  • our flexible and comprehensive approach to collateral;
  • possibility of establishment of individual repayment schedule taking into account seasonality , the nature of Your business and projected cash flows ;
  • the possibility of multiple use of credit funds within the established limit that saves Your time;
  • remote control capability credit accounts.

A list of accredited "PJSC VERNUM BANK" insurance companies.

A list of accredited "PJSC VERNUM BANK" subjects of appraisal activity.

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