Internet Banking

VERNUM Online – multifunctional and handy system of remote banking service, with which You have the ability to simply and effectively manage your accounts online 24 hours a day.

VERNUM Online available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. Now You do not need to spend time on visiting Bank branches – most of the operations You can perform from the comfort of home.

VERNUM Online designed to meet all modern safety requirements, which guarantees the protection of confidential information.

To connect to the system
VERNUM Online mustexecute and deliver to the Department a Bank Statement to connect to the remote banking system "Internet banking for individuals".

Get financial information using VERNUM Online:

  • Quickly get detailed information on Your accounts;
  • If you use extracts in various electronic formats;
  • View the archive of payments;
  • Follow the status of Your Deposit (amount of Deposit, amount of Deposit, date of expiration, etc.);

Manage your accounts without visiting Bank branches:

  • Transfer funds between your accounts (including using the EHR) or to other accounts within "PJSC VERNUM BANK";
  • Transfer funds to accounts in other banks;
  • Make a payment/remittance for the goods, works, services (including utility payments) to the specified details;
  • Save time by creating templates payments;
  • P2P payments (transferring funds from card to card by card number).

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Safety in system:VERNUM Online

  • The connection is using the secure https Protocol. Protocol "https supports encryption ensures the protection of Your personal data.
  • All the operations that You will carry out in the system VERNUM Onlinerequire a confirmation one-time password. One-time password to confirm the action comes to You in a text message to the mobile phone number You specified in the application for connection to the system.
  • If you enter a wrong Login or Password 6 (six) times, the system access VERNUM Online will be blocked.
  • If You do not carry out any action in the system VERNUM Online within 10 (ten) minutes will be automatically logout.

More detailed safety tips in the system VERNUM Online read here.

For more details please contact Bank branch
Phones: (044) 559-23-18, (044) 291-11-85
Information center: 0 (800) 50 73 12