Transportation of Values


PJSC "VERNUM BANK" provides Clients with reliable transportation of currency values and encashment of funds.

The service is provided by qualified personnel in an armored operational vehicles at affordable rates.

Schedule of collection and shipping to be agreed with the client.

Fast delivery of currency values ensures complete safety of Your valuables and timely crediting of funds to Customer accounts.

Tariffs for services of collection and transportation of currency values:

Cash collection of funds and transportation of currency values by appointment*from 1500,00 UAH.(per month per point of collection), re-entry 250,00 UAH.
Shipping currency values of the Bank's clients according to the agreement, but not less than UAH 1,000. 00 per carriage
Interbank transportation 0.05% of the amount of assets transported, but not less than UAH 1000.00
* – calculated based on the amount, distance and number of points

For more details please contact
Bank branch
Phones: (044) 559-23-18, (044) 291-11-85
Information center: 0 (800) 50 73 12