Bank guarantees

In the framework of the selection of the optimal form of settlements with counterparties in the normal course of doing business "PJSC VERNUM BANK" provides services for registration of Bank guarantees .

   Bank guarantee – an effective tool for the confirmation of solvency in front of their counterparties and / or proof of solvency of Your business partners in the implementation of commitments for the supply of goods / works / services, refund of advance payment of the obligations on settlements with counterparties, the implementation of the tender conditions.

Guarantee line is an opportunity for You, within the established limit of the guarantee line, to a separate guarantee, in parallel and in series. The sum of the residuals ( sub-limits ) for all existing parallel to individual guarantees ( in the framework of the guarantee facility ) may not exceed the overall limit of the Guarantee line. The validity of each guarantee may not exceed the total period of the Guarantee line.

PJSC "VERNUM BANK" offers to its customers the following warranties:

Types of guarantees
  • Tender guarantee;
  • Guarantee of payment;
  • Performance guarantee (contract);
  • Guarantee of return of advance payment;
  • Guarantee tourism organization
Currency guarantees
  • The hryvnia
  • The US dollar
  • Euro
Term guarantees

Up to 1 year

Payment under the guarantee

One-time fee for the issuance of a guarantee depending on the guarantee amount:

  • up to 10 000,00 UAH. - 800 UAH.
  • from 10 000.00. up to 20 000.00. - 1200,00 UAH.
  • 20 000.00. or more - 3% min 1485.00 grn.
  • Without security (only within the framework of a tender guarantee );
  • The property rights on monetary funds placed in the Bank ( the Deposit account collateral (2602) );
  • Real estate ( residential, commercial, land);
  • Movables ( transport, equipment, goods in turnover, etc.);
  • Other liquidity providing

The advantages of obtaining Bank guarantees in PJSC “VERNUM BANK”:

  • Individual approach to the choice of the optimal warranty of the tool to suit the specifics of Your business;
  • The possibility of obtaining Bank guarantees required for the formation of package of documents for participation in tenders, obtain the license of tour operator and the like;
  • The possibility of providing its clients and partners for additional ensure compliance with contractual terms;
  • The possibility of deferred payment without increasing the cost of goods (works, services);
  • Significant savings – the guarantee fee is several times lower fees for the loan;
  • Prompt consideration of issues related to the provision of Bank guarantees.

Additional benefits from the issuance of a guarantee facility to PJSC “VERNUM BANK”:

  • Effective tool for saving time – after the approval limit, each individual Guarantee provided within one business day of receipt by Bank of duly executed documents from the Client and payment of a fee for the guarantee;
  • Possible to obtain different types of guarantees under a single contract (e.g. a tender guarantee and a performance guarantee agreement ) in one Bank.

PJSC "VERNUM BANK" started its cooperation with e-trading platforms, which are accredited to "PROZORRO". If You decide to participate in the auction and You need e-Bank guarantee – contact us, our qualified specialists will help You with this. Bank guarantees are issued subject to the requirements of the customer and in accordance with applicable law.

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