Main directions of activity

PJSC “VERNUM BANK” – is a universal bank with the Ukrainian capital at the heart of the organization is a European customer-centric business model to provide quality banking services. We try to approach individually any needs of our customers, taking into account the specifics of the modern business environment of Ukraine and the needs of our customers in banking services.

PJSC “VERNUM BANK” – provides services to individuals and legal entities. We offer our clients a wide range of bank instruments with a high level of service and reliability, optimal price and structural characteristics of the use of which provides:

in national currency; – Solution of business needs, profit maximization;
for individuals – solving customer needs, obtaining additional income.

The main advantages of collaboration with PJSC “VERNUM BANK” are:

  •     transparency and strict implementation of by the Bank the obligations undertaken;
  •     individual approach to each client’s needs in banking products;
  •     the speed of decision-making;
  •     flexible service pricing options;
  •     integrity and professionalism of the Bank’s employees.
Legal entities
Natural persons