For companies wishing to develop their business through effective modern financial instruments, PJSC “VERNUM BANK” offers factoring services..

Factoring – early release of funds for shipped products and / or services rendered prior to the timing of payments under contracts of assignment by the Bank, accounts receivable.

Factoring is an effective tool for sales growth, increase profits, expansion of assortment, increase the profitability of the company’s own capital. In addition, factoring allows you to reduce the risks associated with selling products and / or services rendered, the implementation of which is carried out with a payment delay.

PJSC “VERNUM BANK” offers factoring services:

Types of factoring
  • with recourse;
  • without recourse
The funding Up to 90% of the amount of retreat of the rights of claim
Topstitching term receivables, which can be financed by the bank 120 days
The cost of factoring services Differentially, depending on the structure of financing, the volume of non-lending services money turnover of the Borrower and its business partners in the PJSC “VERNUM BANK”

Advantages of factoring in PJSC “BANK VERNUM”:

  •     an increase of working capital without issuing software;
  •     reduction of costs associated with the accompaniment of a receivable of the enterprise;
  •     the minimum amount of commissions and the transparency of the cost of factoring;
  •    convenient scheme of repayment of debt factoring. There is no need to accumulate funds in the accounts of the company to repay the debt owed to the bank, payment of debt factoring is carried out directly by the debtor;
  •     individual approach in determining the structure and volume of financing taking into account the specifics of the business;
  •     obtaining additional services non-financial: receivables management, collection, consulting;
  •     there is no fee for checking documents (contracts, invoices, etc.);
  •     obtain factoring services regardless of the location of the debtor in the territory of Ukraine;
  •     the possibility of transmission of documents related to the implementation of factoring financing through the system “Client-Bank”.

More detailed information can be obtained from the corporate management of PJSC “BANK VERNUM” at tel. (044) 559 23 18

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