Currency and money markets operations

PJSC “BANK VERNUM” offers to its clients and counterparty banks a full range of services for conducting foreign exchange transactions (SPOT, SWAP, Tom / Next and others.):

  • purchase / sale of currency on the interbank market (narrow spread of quotes, no requirement for the minimum amount of the transaction, if necessary, perform the operations of netting – offsetting counter obligations);
  • conversion transactions on the value date «today» for the expected arrival of funds on the transaction without the need for a limit;
  • purchase / sale of foreign currency for the Ukrainian hryvnia at trading sessions IBCM;
  • carrying out SWAP transactions on all major currency pairs.

PJSC “VERNUM BANK” is an active participant in the interbank market (interbank lending).

Banknote operations

PJSC “VERNUM BANK” provides banknote operations on purchase / sale of foreign currency for non-cash foreign currency and Ukrainian hryvnia.

  • sale of cash foreign currency for cashless Ukrainian hryvnia, or non-cash foreign currency;
  • purchase and exchange of old banknotes;
  • issuing / receiving cash hryvnia and foreign currency to / from the correspondent accounts of banks.

More detailed information can be obtained from the corporate management of PJSC “VERNUM BANK” tel. (044) 559-23-18.