Financing program PJSC “VERNUM BANK” – a set of convenient and effective tool for business development, sales increase, renewal and modernization of fixed assets, the introduction of new technologies, solutions to other business tasks, with the aim of increasing business profits, business capitalization.

Experienced specialists of the bank will offer you an individual and for the most optimal shape and structure of funding in order to reduce financing costs and achieve the greatest positive effect on the use of credit funds in the business.

The main parameters of the credit services of PJSC “VERNUM BANK”

The purpose of the loan
  • replenishment of working capital;
  • acquisition / modernization of fixed assets;
  • development of new business lines;
  • refinance debt on loans obtained in other institutions.
currency of credit UAH, USD, Euro
Loan Form
  • overdraft;
  • кcredit in renewable / non-renewable form credit line, fixed and / or floating sampling and repayment terms;
  • credit a one-time disbursement and flexible repayment schedule;
  • in the form of individual tranches which set the parameters of the individual lending within the overall limit of the main credit transaction (the General Agreement).
Loan terms up to 3 years
Payment for a loan Interest rates and fees are established differentially, depending on the length of the loan, the volume of non-lending services money turnover of the borrower and his business partners in PJSC “VERNUM BANK”
  • property (residential, commercial, land);
  • movable property (vehicles, equipment, goods in turnover, etc.);
  • securities;
  • right to contractual requirements;
  • deposit in PJSC “VERNUM BANK”;
  • more liquid collateral.

Advantages of credit services of PJSC “VERNUM BANK”:

  •     individual approach to each client’s business needs;
  •     an integrated approach to the client’s business needs in setting the parameters of price, volume and structure of financing;
  •     possibility to choose the optimal form of currency and finance;
  •     speed of decision-making on lending;
  •     transparent and clear credit conditions;
  •     flexible comprehensive approach to collateral;
  •     the possibility of setting individual repayment schedule of the loan, taking into account seasonality, the characteristics of your business and future cash flows;
  •     reusability of credit within the established limit, which saves you time;
  •     the possibility of remote management of credit accounts.

A list of accredited PJSC “BANK VERNUM” subjects of valuation activities:

More detailed information can be obtained at the bank branch .
Information Center: (044) 559 23 18