PJSC “VERNUM BANK” offers its customers remote maintenance of accounts opened in the Bank, through the iFOBS “Client-Bank” system, which provides an efficient and secure communication with the Bank through the use of secure Internet communication channels.

With the help of the iFOBS “Client-Bank” PJSC “VERNUM BANK” provides its customers the opportunity of operational management and disposal of opening a bank account, which is a significant advantage in the course of your business.

Advantages of the system “Client-Bank” PJSC “VERNUM BANK”

  •     more efficient management of cash flows of the company;
  •     the possibility of non-cash payments in national and foreign currencies without visiting the bank;
  •     Remote area orders for purchase / sale of foreign currency;
  •     formation and receipt of account statements with the bank for any period;
  •     the possibility of an exchange of letters and / or documents of the Bank;
  •     access to accounts  24/7;
  •     the ability to integrate with software modules, that are used to automate the accounting of the enterprise.

Information on the cost of the services within the system Client-Bank can be viewed in terms of tariff packages:

pdfi Tariff “Universal”
pdfi Tariff “Own Business”

Documents on connection / setting iFOBS:

doci  Application for connection to the “Client-Bank” system
doci  Аpplication to change the access rights to the “Client-Bank” system
rari Documentation system “Client-Bank”
doci  Rules of procedure of the “Client-Bank” system
The installation package of the “Client-Bank” system

More detailed information can be obtained from the corporate management of PJSC ” VERNUM BANK” tel. (044) 291 11 85.