Banking Guarantees

Bank guarantee and warranty line

As part of the selection of the optimal form of payments to contractors in the course of business of PJSC “VERNUM BANK” provides services on registration of bank guarantees.

Bank guarantee – an effective tool to confirm the solvency of its counterparties and / or confirmation of the solvency of your business partners to fulfill the obligations to deliver the goods / works / services, advance payment, performance of obligations on settlements with counterparties that fulfill the tender conditions.

Guarantee line – it is an opportunity for you, within the established limit on the guarantee line, get some guarantee as parallel or series. The amount of residues (sub-limits) for all parallel the actions of individual guarantees (under the guarantee line) can not exceed the total limit of Guarantee line. The terms of each individual guarantee can not exceed the total term of the Safety Line.

PJSC “VERNUM BANK” offers the following guarantee conditions for its customers:

Types of guarantees
  • The tender guarantee;
  • Payment Guarantee;
  • Performance guarantee (contract);
  • Advance payment guarantee;
  • Warranty Tourism Organization.
guarantees Currencies UAH, USD, Euro
guarantee period Up to 1 year
NAbout LVL guarantee One-time fee for issuing guarantees
  • without security (only in the framework of the tender guarantee);
  • property rights to the cash flows that are placed in the Bank (deposit, by providing (2602));
  • property (residential, commercial, land);
  • movable property (vehicles, equipment, goods in turnover, etc.);
  • other liquid collateral.

Advantages of bank guarantees in PJSC “VERNUM BANK”:

  • individual approach to the selection of an optimal tool to guarantee specific to your business;
  • the ability to obtain bank guarantees necessary for the formation of a package of documents for participation in tenders for the enterprise, obtaining a tour operator license and the like;
  • the possibility of providing additional security to the contractors of contractual terms;
  • the possibility of deferred payment without increasing the cost of goods (works, services);
  • significant savings – payment of a guarantee in a few times lower than the fees for the use of credit;
  • prompt consideration of issues related to the provision of bank guarantees.

Additional advantages of the design of the guarantee line of PJSC “VERNUM BANK”:

  • effective tool to save time – limit after approval, each individual guarantee is granted within one working day from the receipt of the Bank duly completed documents from the Client and payment of commission for providing the guarantee;
  • the ability to obtain various types of guarantees under one contract (eg. tender guarantee and performance guarantee agreement) in one bank.

More detailed information can be obtained from the corporate management of PJSC ” VERNUM BANK” at tel. (044) 291 11 86.